Terms for Delivery

Times for Shipping

The time for shipping can vary from product to product. When ordering items with differing shipping times some items can be delivered at a later date than others.

Shipping with DHL

All items are sent with DHL within Sweden and we take a standard fee of 100SEK. An additional fee is added for items weighing over 20kg we will message you about this before we send the items. Mounted Folding gates and some heavier beds are delivered through different methods and we will contact you about the delivery fee before you confirm the order. We will contact you if shipping deviates too much from the standard fee. The shipping cost for unredeemed packages is charged to the customer.

Observe: No orders with extra shipping costs will be sent before you have approved of this, by replying to our email that you receive from us regarding shipping.

Shipping to other countries in Europe

An additional fee is added to shipping to other countries in Europe based on the weight, size, and price of the items ordered. 

Safety of shipping

If an item would be out of stock we will attempt to contact you via email or telephone within a few days of ordering.

Damages During Delivery

Barnvagnshuset does not pay for any damage that occurs during delivery to our customers. If you, at the point of receiving the delivery, notice any damages on your items do not receive it. Ask your delivery driver to write down the reason for the return on the package, then contact us and report the damages, so that you don't have to risk paying the shipping fee we incur for unreceived packages.